Looking after our customers offering the ultimate portable fire extinguisher protection. Ensuring sound advice and best possible prices.

Should you choose to work with GMJ Fire Prevention we offer a personal and friendly service. Safety, quality and affordability are the three things we believe in most. Protecting not only your premises but more importantly those working with you.

The Regulatory Fire Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 states that fire fighting equipment “must be subject to a suitable system of maintenance and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.”

The fire extinguisher maintenance should be completed by a competent person with an annual inspection undertaken.

There are two types of maintenance procedures. Visual inspection by the user and maintenance by a competent person. We will check and maintain all your fire extinguishers, on site, quickly, efficiently and in a way that does not impact negatively on your operations.

We will ensure your fire extinguishers are fit for purpose and in the best possible order.

We undertake servicing of Fire Extinguishers in accordance with BS 5306 part 3 and BS 5306 part 8. When our work is completed, we leave your premises with your fire extinguishers fully compliant.

We not only supply your fire safety products, but we can ensure that you fulfil all your legal obligations whatever your requirements.

We are able to provide a full comprehensive service primarily in the North West although other areas Nationwide can be covered. Contact us today to work with a professional, affordable fire protection product company.

Extinguisher maintenance & service

Annual servicing of extinguishers is a legal requirement for building owners. We can perform annual servicing & maintenance of your extinguishers regardless of who supplied them.

Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training gives your employees the knowledge and skills to ensure a safe evacuation of your premises in the event of a fire. Training your staff is vital in protecting your people & your assets from fire.

Fire Extinguisher Rental

Should your business not wish to purchase fire extinguishers outright, GMJ Fire Prevention Ltd would work out an affordable rental agreement with the client based on the number of units involved and fire protection requirements.

Extended Servicing

Every five years most fire extinguishers need an extended service. This means completely discharging the extinguisher, checking for internal corrosion, refilling and re-pressurising. Due to the work involved with this, we generally suggest these units be replaced with new, as this is the most cost-effective way to protect your property and staff.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguishers need an extended service every 10 years. This involves a hydrostatic pressure test, to comply with pressure vessel legislation and a new valve. Most fire extinguisher servicing engineers will supply a ‘service exchange’ (refurbished) unit due to the onerous requirements of this process. Again, it can be cheaper to purchase a new extinguisher.